Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the style: dressing you for less

We probably have at least one of those friends that does not and can not suffer from "sticker shock." This means he will spend any amount of money, even on one item, in the name of loyalty.

In my survey, I asked the men which brands they were loyal to...or at least that are present in their wardrobe. First was Levi's, runner-up was Ralph Lauren, and in third place we had American Eagle. The most common answer for how much a total outfit costs was under $200.

Just for perspective, I went to Ralph Lauren (love him, by the way) and found a Linen/Silk Textured Crewneck sweater, Darby Striped Poplin Barrel shirt, and the Straight-Fit Repair Jean outfit. I then summed the retail cost of said outfit. Prepare yourself for the shock...

From Ralph Lauren Black Label
Dropping over $1200 is a bit more than 97% of the men I know would be willing to spend. Ok, make that 98% of the men that I know. Luckily for the mass marketers that we are, the other popular labels found in the closets of my survey takers have it covered.

AE Striped Shirt; GAP V-Neck Sweater; Levi's 501 Original Jeans
Rather reasonable for our stylish men, wouldn't you say? Alternative styles from Urban Outfitters, the GAP and Levi's are lead by the big kahunas like Ralph Lauren, so thank you Mr. Lauren. But at least we won't worry about washing hundreds of dollars of shirts and sweaters. American Eagle and the GAP make sure washing and styling is more carefree. Plus, the Levi's 501 Original Jeans are right on for fit and use less water in production than regular denim. Stamp of approval by secede. What classy labels do you wear?


  1. You didn't poll me! I wear my own label and ONLY Ann Demeulemeester, and G-Star jeans. I must be the 2%.

  2. So true, I'm sorry my friend. You have absolute high fashion class Urbandon! I like Demeulemeester's style and your own. Note taken: Great labels!