Thursday, September 22, 2011

the look: faux-pas to faux-fad

This just in from James Long, fashion designer in London Fashion Week (spring/summer 2012): Short(er) shorts and, um, socks with sandals? Snake skin and paisley patterns meshed in an ensemble that yells of unabashed confidence...over and over again.
My question is: What do street-wearers have to say about these seeming faux-pas looks being turned into fads?

Friday, September 16, 2011

the trend: steppin' out for fall

It's never a bad idea to step out, especially on the right foot. Every wardrobe, no matter how minimal or crowded, needs the shoes that take care of the essentials. Here's what we're talkin: Getting the most out of your selection. Weather turning, let's id the boots you're gonna need to fend the cold.

First: Look at the wear of your shoes. You may need an update if they look like they've...been...places. As in they've been everywhere and every one can tell. I'm not sayin' throw out your bff's that have traveled far and wide and in your back yard while you were having that awesome party get the picture.

Second: What era are these sole-bearers from? Shoes are one of those rare items (like watches and ties) that don't need to be turned over every season. But if the last time you bought a pair of shoes was when you started that new years ago. Let's be realistic and slip on a new pair.

Third: Are they practical for your work/social/other hobbies of your lifestyle?

Fourth: Details. Are you a black-shoe-only man? Check out toe detailing, studding (tasteful), stitching, and etc. to get the most versatility.

Fifth: Wear and enjoy.

Sixth: Repeat when necessary.

Image of Michael Bastian Gant Fall 2011 preview