Saturday, January 21, 2012

the guyde: linking your personality

The Dignified Comic
Let's pretend that detail is not noticed. ...Ok. Done pretending. That wasn't very much fun. Why? Because it's a lie. Sometimes lies are not fun. Now, let's find the link between your personality and the details you put on to show your style.

I like cufflinks. I like how cufflinks are close in thought to handcuffs. That shirts are deliberately made to be fitted around your wrist--sealed with a cufflink. Cufflinks, to me, are a formal bow to tradition, to the handshake, to the solid suit, to the control of detail. Not only are they respectfully vintage and poetic, they are necessary to modernism...with an added dash of sarcasm, which is necessary for modern styling.

The Rock Hero

The Explorer

The Daredevil

The Patriot

The Peter Pan

The SciFi Nerd
The Market Playboy
The Romantic

The King

A pair for everyone. That's not pretending.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

the brand: Balmain

Color can not be one to fear when a brand such as Balmain (the Paris born and raised menswear brand) have style, trend, and staple covered in one line. Spring 2012 photoshoot, executed in top quality that lives up to the finely cultivated Balmain name.
 The staple woven shirt in a fresh spring color slathered in a sexy leather vest. Yes, vests have become sexy.
 The light wash denim is casual while not being lazed in nature. Daiquiri green is fresh.
 The cropped trench is one step short of safari when paired with off-white denim. A splash of blue keeps us safely in the street and out of the desert.
 A woven collared button-up over your salmon tee is a sharp and correct way to layer colors. Add a scarf for a functional accessory.
 Finally a yellow that doesn't scream 70s. The James-Bond sharp tailored blazer is just enough EU for US.
 Medium wash denim is a step up in style needed for a more sophisticated occasion--tea with Grandma, for instance. And yes, those are the same brown boots. They're all you need.
 Zip hoodie under the crisp leather jacket can plainly state: I got this. Comfort and chic, trĂ©s homme.
Going to the Red Carpet, but can't compromise your laid-back lifestyle? Here's the compromise.
 Leather pants.

I say, as my belated New Year's resolution (besides dedicating more time to my baby...aka this blog) I will be an advocate to more color in menswear. Black is a great color, don't get me wrong. Grey, one of my faves. Blue, absolutely necessary. But we'll just prove how brave we are by going beyond the staples, putting more in to our already colorful lives. Yes we can.