Saturday, January 21, 2012

the guyde: linking your personality

The Dignified Comic
Let's pretend that detail is not noticed. ...Ok. Done pretending. That wasn't very much fun. Why? Because it's a lie. Sometimes lies are not fun. Now, let's find the link between your personality and the details you put on to show your style.

I like cufflinks. I like how cufflinks are close in thought to handcuffs. That shirts are deliberately made to be fitted around your wrist--sealed with a cufflink. Cufflinks, to me, are a formal bow to tradition, to the handshake, to the solid suit, to the control of detail. Not only are they respectfully vintage and poetic, they are necessary to modernism...with an added dash of sarcasm, which is necessary for modern styling.

The Rock Hero

The Explorer

The Daredevil

The Patriot

The Peter Pan

The SciFi Nerd
The Market Playboy
The Romantic

The King

A pair for everyone. That's not pretending.

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